Finnish designer and creator

Hanna Lantto is a Finnish designer and creator who believes in doing things in a new and better way. This means demanding more from the product: better usability, better quality, more joy – and also sincere and transparent production methods that you can stand behind.

Her portfolio is a mix of objects ranging from furniture to handmade silver jewelry. These two very distinct product categories make her work excitingly diverse. The furniture is made in small batches by skilled carpenters in Finland, whereas the jewelry is handcrafted by the designer herself.


Functionality and durability with playful appearance

Practicality and versatility are at the essence of the items designed by Hanna Lantto Studio. It is no coincidence that a stool doubles as a storage space or that there is more than one way to wear a pair of earrings. The designer believes that when products are multifunctional and versatile, they last longer.

Functional and durable do not mean boring or colorless. With her collection, the designer is challenging the idea about white being the only color to stand the test of time. She sees colors as versatile, too: the emotion evoked by a color is defined in its context. The colors chosen for her products are meant to inspire, and they can be combined in unique ways. This means that a single color can manifest itself in a multitude of ways.


Locally made furniture with sincere intentions

Hanna Lantto Studio combines Finnish design with Finnish craftsmanship through small-scale production with a group of select craftsmen and workshops. When production takes place in Finland, it's transparent and straightforward.